SMS de Mexico, LLC is a joint venture of three major scrap management companies that have come together as one to better serve manufacturing operations in Mexico.

Scrap Metal Services, LLC is a major North American ferrous (steel and iron) and non-ferrous metals processing and trading company. Scrap Metal Services received American Metal Market’s Steel Excellence Awards – Scrap Company of the year 2014 and Exporter of the year 2013.

Jack Engle & Co. is a major non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, stainless steel, zinc, magnesium, etc) processor and broker headquartered in Los Angeles, California. 

Tecnologias de Plastico (Tex-Mex Recycling) is a major plastics recycler with demanufacturing capability operating in the border region of Tamaulipas and South Texas.

With over 60 years of collective experience across a wide range of materials, accounts, and regions, SMS de Mexico brings global industry best practice to our customers.

The combination of the three companies provides an increased degree of professionalism, expertise, knowledge, and a coast to coast reach in the technology, management, marketing, processing, and handling of a full range of recyclable materials.

We provide industrial recycling solutions!

Mexico:  52  (461) 168-2160 | United States:  (956) 838-2132