SMS de Mexico offers the following services to create efficient and effective recycling solutions tailored to each customer’s needs:

Steel and Metals:

We source, purchase, and market both ferrous and nonferrous metals as well as obsolete materials. Our recycling of metals are performed with methods such as baling, shredding, shearing, cutting, breaking, and sorting.

• Steel & Iron
• Aluminum
• Nickel
• Stainless
• Magnesium
• Titanium
• Zinc
• Copper
• Brass & Bronze
• Mixed Metals
• Contaminated Metals
• Motors/Compressors/Radiators
• Used and Old Equipment
• Usable/Secondary Coils


The proper recycling of paper, wood, and transportation packaging takes these products out of your waste stream:

• Pallets whole and broken
• Corrugated cardboard
• Paper sheet
• Wood cable reels
• Office waste
• Copy room scrap
• Confidential document destruction


We are able to recycle almost all industrial plastics generated including but not limited to:

• Mixed Plastics
• Engineered Resins
• Purge
• Painted Plastics
• Plastics that include Metal
• Film
• Packaging and Strappings

Due to the complicated nature of plastics, it is imperative that the program is implemented correctly and controlled carefully. We have the experience, know-how, equipment, and systems to help make it easier.


We assume all liability for the proper handling, destruction, and recycling of your electronic products

• Data security is a high priority for everyone, we offer hard drive and data destruction programs
• Permitted to handle and transport certain hazardous materials including capacitors, circuit boards, solder and lead


We have systems in place to facilitate the demanufacturing of fully or partially finished assemblies and sub-assemblies.

Our services include:
• Transportation
• Tracking
• Accounting
• Issuing certificates of destruction and/or recycling.
This service is suitable for recovering value from defective, obsolete, or slow-moving inventory.


Brand protection is critical. We protect our clients from having their products re-enter the market through a variety of internal security measures such as:

• Video monitoring of disassembly and destruction
• Video files are maintained for one year
• Online viewing of demanufacturing process available
• Security guards posted at strategic points
• Employees are screened and belongings inspected
• Vehicle inspection
• Legally licensed and permitted in Mexico and the United States to handle scrap materials

SMS de Mexico can provide any type of in-plant scrap accumulation equipment needed and also
provide external roll-off boxes and trailers to safely accumulate and transport your scrap.

We provide industrial recycling solutions!


Mexico:  52  (461) 168-2160 | United States:  (956) 838-2132